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I write fanfiction for a number of TV shows and films, some of them fairly obscure; this is the complete collection of publicly available stories, 
bar some short ficlets posted only on my journal (see links below).   Most are suitable for a general audience, 
but a few are rated R or NC-17, and are so labeled. I rate conservatively, but please read responsibly. 


8-7-15: Karma (Jupiter Ascending).  A brief meditation on life, death, and responsibility.  Rated G. 

Chapter 11  and Chapter 12 of Rise (Jupiter Ascending).  If the choice is fly or fall, you spread your wings.  Rated R, Jupiter/Caine.

The Princess and the Pup (
Jupiter Ascending).  What if Jupiter and Caine met as children?  AU.  Rated G.

Cloudlake recorded a gorgeous podfic of
Eat It Too

Production notes for some stories can be found at LiveJournal.   
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Jupiter Ascending
Law and Order: Criminal Intent
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Why "Light in the Mirror"?

I tend to see fanfiction as mirror images of the original--each mirror different, each one reflecting a different view, 
but all based on one vision. Distortion and shade vary by writer.

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