Light In The Mirror


First and always, the ineffable Cincoflex, beta and banner-maker extraordinaire

The wonderful, generous CSI gang, some of whom have become RL buddies as well

Mingsmommy and Smacky, for encouragement above and beyond the call of fandom

Ivoiredepoison, for my first gorgeous fanart, and RabidPotato, for a big heap of amazing

Kestin Stewart, FishTank, and Trialia, who made me beautiful banners!

SSG K. Wolfskill and Alan&Sam, for diving info

Psyched, who put up with my insecurities

Nire the Evil

Joan Keith


Kate Kirkengardner


The person who inspired a couple of stories on a night of ficcing, and whose name I never did catch

Sam, my indispensable reference for Spanish: What to Say and How to Spell It

Antha & Karen


Penn O'Hara, my toughest editor

Preymistress, for her patience and good humor

CJ, of course

Diane, who put up with my interminable sentences, my pestering, and my occasional ignoring of her excellent advice

The Prey crew, who astonished me with their enthusiasm

Everyone who's made the effort to tell me what they think!

And last but by no means least, Joxer, who said she'd be happy to post my story, and by the way, she liked it...

If I've forgotten anyone, my humble apologies; know that I appreciate you even if you aren't listed here. Feel free to swat me.