Light In The Mirror

Harry Potter

The scent of hope. AU. -- 9-2-12 -- Rated PG-13 -- Lily/Snape

O the Rising
An unexpected gift.  Post-series AU. -- 12-2-12 -- Rated G -- Lily/Snape

Placing the Moon
What we do for love. -- 10-18-12 -- Rated G -- Lily/Snape

Transitions. AU, sequel to Essence. -- 10-30-12 -- Rated M -- Lily/Snape

Through Grace
In the aftermath of the War, Snape has resigned himself to life.  But when fresh horror emerges from beneath Malfoy Manor,
will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice one more time?

2-12-12 -- Rated PG -- Snape/Lily