Light In The Mirror

Jupiter Ascending

Eat It Too
Fill for a prompt at the Jupiter Ascending kink meme. -- 4-20-15 -- Rated G -- Jupiter/Caine
Podcasted by Cloudlake here!

A brief meditation on life, death, and responsibility. -- 8-7-15 -- Rated G -- Jupiter/Caine

Caine doesn't sleep much. -- 6-8-15 -- Rated G -- Jupiter/Caine

The Princess and the Pup
What if Jupiter and Caine met as children instead?  AU. -- 8-4-15 -- Rated G

If the choice is fly or fall, you spread your wings. -- 3-22-15 -- Rated R -- Jupiter/Caine

It's Halloween.  Caine has a built-in costume.  You do the math. -- 3-12-15 -- Rated PG -- Jupiter/Caine